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Your Comprehensive Eye Exam

Knowing what to expect and bring for your comprehensive eye exam makes for a pleasant and relaxed visit! Please arrive 15 minutes before your exam to ensure that you have enough time to fill out paperwork. You will be asked about your health history including previous and current eye conditions with treatments, systemic conditions, family medical history, current medications, and known allergies. Before your comprehensive eye exam, there are several materials you can prepare. 

British Columbia health services care card

Medical insurance card & picture ID

List of your prescription medications

Your most recent pair of glasses or contacts

A translator if you do not speak English

A driver is recommended if your eyes are dilated

Patient-Centered Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

“First time here and Dr. Sahota was extremely friendly and personable. Told me exactly what she was doing and what she was looking for. Went above and beyond to do some extra testing as well to ensure everything was healthy with my eyes. Receptionists are friendly as well. COVID procedures like any other retail/office space – felt safe alongside keeping any distance. Happily would recommend.”

— Eric Jeffrey Tan

Your Comprehensive Eye Exam At Real Eyes Optometry

Compassionate and courteous care with the highest levels of optometric service, expertise, and clinical knowledge.

Direct Billing 

We make your life easier by submitting your claim directly and confirm coverage prior to booking your pediatric eye exam.

Convenient Location

Located in Metrotown with free and accessible parking with great office hours adds a lot of convenience for the parent-on-the-go.


We are a family-run, full scope optometry office that strives to provide the highest level of service – all while keeping a smile on our faces.

5-Star Care

Our Optometrist’s calm and comforting manner makes us great with all types of patients. They are eager to educate when given a case.

30+ Years Experience

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your refractive status, binocular vision system, ocular health, and more.

Kids Play Area

We know parents have a lot on their plate. Our play area means your kids can have fun while you attend to your own vision health needs.

Expert & Compassionate Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

“I found my new optometrist! Went in for an eye exam and Dr. Pati was very thorough and patient. He was also very knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions I had. I learned a lot about how my eyes worked and how to keep them healthy, and I will definitely be coming back. Highly recommend!.”

— Mike Okada

Have Questions about Your Comprehensive Eye Exam?

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