Exciting Announcement | Our Nomination for Small Business BC Award 2021

Small Business BC for the Best Community Impact Award

Real Eyes Optometry is proud to have been nominated by Best Small Business BC in the Best Community Impact category for 2021. We are dedicated to serving the diverse communities in the Burnaby Metrotown area. When asked about what motivated the start of Real Eyes Optometry, and what core causes drive the team, we needed to share a little backstory on our founder.

As a child, Dr. Shaun Pati’s mother was in a serious car accident which resulted in the loss of some of her vision due to her injury. His mother’s Optometrist was Dr. Tony Wang, who took the time to care for her eye health.

A six-year-old at the time, Shaun accompanied his mother to her eye doctor appointments. After numerous follow-ups over the course of several years, Dr. Tony Wang helped his mother fully regain her eyesight.

Dr. Shaun Pati was motivated by these events and decided to become an Optometrist himself. He decided to move away from Burnaby to study at Pacific University in Oregon, where he would meet his future wife, Dr. Amit Sahota who is also a part of the Real Eyes team.

In 2015, he graduated and became Dr. Shaun Pati, Doctor of Optometry. In 2016, he bumped into Dr. Wang at an Optometry conference in Vancouver. They reconnected and decided to team up to continue serving the Burnaby community. In 2017, Real Eyes Optometry was formed.

In response to the interview questions asked by Small Business BC, of what our business core beliefs are, Dr. Shaun Pati explained that “our goals are to provide the best patient care we can, we always want to leave a positive impression on anyone who steps into our office. Whether it be a smile at the door, educating you on a condition, or reassurance that everything will be okay. No matter how difficult the diagnosis may be, our team will always be there for our patients and community.”

It is an honour to be recognized by Small Business BC. Real Eyes Optometry is open 6 days a week to help improve your vision, one eye at a time. Come meet our team and check out our eye exam services so that we can help take care of your eye health.

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