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Senior Eye Exams | #1 Top Optometrist Recommended Disease Prevention

More Than a Routine Test — Senior Eye Exams Can Help Save Your Life

Once you reach age 65, we recommend having a complete eye exam every 12-months. Senior eye exams help detect potentially life-threatening conditions, like brain tumors, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, auto-immune and inflammatory conditions. 


Of vision loss can be treated or prevented.

1 in 3

Have vision-reducing eye disease by the age of 65.


After 40, your prescription changes more often.

Senior Eye Exams

Family First, Friendly, Senior Eye Exams & Care

Direct Billing 

We make your life easier by submitting your claim directly and offering to confirm coverage prior to booking your exam.

Convenient Location

Great office hours plus free and accessible Metrotown parking provide convenience and flexibility for caregivers.

MSP Coverage

Senior eye exams are partially covered by MSP with a valid Personal Health Number.

5-Star Care

Our optometrist’s calm and comforting manner makes us great with all types of patients of any age.

30+ Years Experience

Our comprehensive senior eye exams assess your refractive status, binocular vision system, ocular health, and more!

Mobility Friendly

We are wheelchair and elevator accessible. Visit us on the 4th floor (OG: Office Galleria Level) in Metrotown Mall.

Family First, Friendly, Senior Eye Exams & Care

“Exceptional experience with Dr. Pati and his helpful/friendly staff. The contact lenses suggested to me (Dailies Total 1) are incredibly comfortable. My father picked up a pair of sunglasses from their selection at a great price. The team at Real Eyes were able to fit my mother in with an appointment and help her find a pair of designer frames within a week. Overall: Great place to bring the family, excellent service, and knowledgeable staff.” 

— Jeff Zheng

Senior eye exams

Our Comprehensive Senior Eye Exams Explained

Medical Services Plan (MSP) helps cover senior eye exams with a valid personal health number (PHN). We make your life easier by submitting your claim directly to your health care provider and supporting individual payments for patients without insurance coverage. 

  1. Patient History. You will be asked about your health history, including previous and current eye conditions with treatments, systemic conditions, family medical history, current medications, and known allergies.
  2. Comprehensive Testing. Your optometrist will measure visual acuity, eye muscle coordination and movements, binocularity, pupil function, and additional tests if needed.
  3. Refraction Assessment. We will assess for refractive errors — primarily myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia. This helps to determine the patient’s prescription which will provide clear, comfortable vision for both distance and near. 
  4. Ocular Health Evaluation. An in-depth ocular health assessment will include eye dilation, speciality testing like visual fields, non-invasive imaging of the front and back of the eye, and corneal topography measurements.
  5. Patient Education. Our doctors take the time to ensure every patient understands all aspects of the eye exam, how their eyes work, any treatment options they need, and recommended maintenance tips with products to keep their eyes looking and feeling their best. 

Questions about Senior Eye Exams?

Your comfort and care are of the utmost importance to us. You can schedule a comprehensive senior eye exam by visiting our website for online booking options or calling the office at any time. To prepare for your visit you can read about what you’ll need to bring here.

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