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Red Eye Emergencies: Are your eyes red, pink, sore, itchy watery or irritated?

Many people will suffer from red eye emergency symptoms at some point in their lives – sometimes all at once! These symptoms can lead to red eye emergencies and cause significant discomfort and at their most severe, they can even impact quality of life. Symptoms like these have a wide range of causes such as bacterial or viral infections, allergies, foreign bodies in the eye and other ocular trauma. If you are suffering from any of the symptoms listed above, we will evaluate, diagnose and treat not only the symptoms but the underlying cause(s). You don’t have to live with these symptoms!

Red Eye Emergencies

Red Eye Emergencies: How do you differentiate between an Urgent or Emergent Situation?

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Red Eye Emergencies

Are you noticing floaters or flashes in your vision? If so, you may be experiencing a red eye emergency and should see an Optometrist as soon as possible or if you are unable to get to an Optometrist’s office, you should head to the ER immediately and make sure to take red-eye emergencies seriously. New onset of flashes and floaters could mean that you are having an issue with your retina (the back part of your eyes). These symptoms can occur if you have a retinal hole, tear or detachment. In these situations, time is of the essence.

Our doctors believe you should live your life in visual comfort, that is why we also provide an emergency phone line service for any issues/questions you may have after you leave our office.

Red Eye Emergency Care

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Red Eye Emergencies