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Radio Frequency #1 Treatment for Dry Eyes

Radio Frequency: Getting Treatment in Vancouver

No Surgery. No Needles. No Downtime.

Radio Frequency is a non-invasive technology that treats dry eyes, while also leaving you with beautiful, younger-looking skin. At Real Eyes Optometry, we offer Radio Frequency in Vancouver. This technology is used for dry eyes and treats clogged
meibomian glands, which alleviates dry eye syndrome symptoms but also tightens the skin, minimizing the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone.

radio frequency treatment

Dry Eyes & Wrinkles: Their Connection & Radio Frequency Anti-Aging

Did you know? Skin becomes thinner as we age. TempSure’s revolutionary technology tightens the skin by triggering the body’s natural reaction to produce new collagen. While treating dry eye syndrome, the treatment also creates new, dense collagen fibres that leave you with beautiful, younger-looking skin. This includes, but is not limited to, reducing; 

Frown lines       Wrinkles
Crow’s feet         Cellulite
Smile lines         Forehead line

Dry Eye

Dry Eye Symptoms: Are You Impacted?

We rely on our eyes for almost everything, so when you have a problem with your eyes, it isn’t just your eyes that are affected – it’s everything.

Dry eyes are one of the most common issues affecting our patients. It can affect how well you see, as well as how comfortable your eyes are throughout the day. If you suffer from difficulty wearing contact lenses, overly watery eyes, eye fatigue or a number of other symptoms, it can have a huge impact on your day.

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Radio Frequency Treatment: What Can I Expect?

This treatment provides a warm, soothing feel to the treatment zone and can treat all regions of the face and neck. Patients return to their normal daily activities immediately following treatment! The Radio Frequency treatment is comfortable, safe and non-invasive and can take as little as 30 minutes! 

Radio Frequency

What Happens Exactly during the Radio Frequency Treatment?

We use a handheld device to beam radiofrequency into your skin, which creates a gentle warming effect. Patients have described this feeling similar to a hot stone massage. This stimulates collagen production, leaving your skin tighter, firmer, and more elastic. It improves the function of your eyes oil glands and the tightened skin improves elasticity which allows the eye to close more effectively, preventing it from drying out.

Radio Frequency

People Also Ask - What Should I Know About Getting Radio Frequency Treatment in Vancouver

Where Can I get Tempsure in Vancouver, B.C?

At Real Eyes Optometry, we offer Radio Frequency Services in office, where we can treat your dry eyes and reduce wrinkles all at once. Contact us for an appointment.

Does the Radio Frequency Treatment Hurt?
Definitely not! You will experience a gentle warming effect. Patients have described this as similar to a hot stone massage. 

How Long Do the Results Last?
You will experience instant gratification, with long-term benefits. While you may notice a visible difference immediately following your appointment, such as tighter, glowing skin, the maximum results take place over 4-6 weeks and multiple treatments are recommended to continue to improve your eyes and skin.  

Are There Treatment Side Effects?
Some patients experience slight redness on the area that was treated, but this subsides within a few hours after your session. Also, patients are free to return to work or their normal daily activities immediately following their appointment!

Is It Suitable for All Skin Tones?
Absolutely. Radio Frequency is safe for all skin types. Also the treatments can be enjoyed year round, regardless of tan or skin color.

When Will I See Results?
Instantly! Patients describe a “tighter” feeling of the treated skin, improved skin tone and leave with a natural glow. In addition, the collagen will continue to rebuild several weeks after the treatment, enhancing your skin’s appearance over time. Multiple treatments are advised to help improve the skin and maintain the skin’s appearance. 

Talk to one of our Optometrists about Radio Frequency today and find the best treatment options for you.

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