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Radio Frequency FAQ – Top 10 Important Answers to Your Treatment Inquiries

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Radio Frequency FAQ: What is it Exactly?

Want to get rid of your dry eyes? Try Radiofrequency. It’s a non-invasive dry eye treatment that requires no downtime. It uses electromagnetic waves that are generated by alternating currents to treat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, a type of common Dry Eye Disease. Find out more by reading this radio frequency faq.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency procedures cause few side effects and have little to no downtime. Studies show no significant side effects following treatments.
For more information on radio frequency treatments, please contact us for a consultation.

radio frequency faq

Radio frequency FAQ 2: How Does Treatment Change Dry Eyes?

Radio Frequency manages a condition called Meibomian Gland Dyfunction (MGD).  MGD causes your eyes to dry out by clogging your meibomian glands making them unable to lubricate your eyes.

Our meibomian glands are located along our top and bottom eyelids and produce the oil layer of our tears. This oil helps keep the tears on our eyes. During MGD, our glands become inflamed allowing less oil to be secreted into the tear film. Over time these glands can shorten and die off which causes our tears to evaporate more quickly and results in irritation.

Radiofrequency uses electromagnetic signals to heat and melt oil glands. This clears blockages and helps better the secretion of oil from the meibomian glands.

Radio Frequency FAQ 1: Does it work for everyone?

Radiofrequency is safe, effective, and inclusive to all skin types and colors.

We Do Not Recommend Radio Frequency Treatment for the following:

 those with metal implants including pacemakers

•during pregnancy

•anyone with gold or corn allergies

radio frequency faq, Radio frequency treatments

Radio Frequency FAQ 3: How Many Sessions Does it Take?

Radio Frequency takes 3-6 treatments to effectively manage MGD.

Radio Frequency FAQ 4: How Does Treatment Reduce Wrinkles?

Radio Frequency treatments also boost collagen and elastin production which repairs the meibomian glands, smooths away fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet, and tightens the skin in the treatment zone.

Radio Frequency FAQ 5: Does the Procedure Hurt?

No. You should not feel any pain or discomfort during your radio frequency treatment. Your optometrist will gently massage your upper eyelid and the skin beneath your lower eyelid with a radio frequency wand. It should feel like a warm massage.

Radio Frequency FAQ 6: How is the Recovery Process?

Patients may sometimes experience redness and slight swelling of the skin after a procedure. The redness typically fades within a few hours after treatment.

Radio Frequency FAQ 7: How Do I Get Started?

Step 1 Book a free consultation to discuss your symptoms and options.

Step 2 During your Radiofrequency treatment, a small applicator is applied to the treatment zone. You will experience a gentle pain-free warming sensation, similar to the feeling of a hot stone massage. Sessions take as little as one hour.

Step 3 The great news is that there is no downtime afterward. Some people may experience slight redness in the treated areas for a few hours but you can return to your usual activities. Remember to book your next session to complete the process.

Radio Frequency FAQ 8: How Long Does the Relief Last

Relief from dry eye symptoms can last up to two years depending on how severe your condition is. As with everything,  proper upkeep will help maintain the treatment for longer.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency FAQ 9: Cost and Coverage

Radio Frequency dry eye and skin tightening treatment is considered an elective optometry service, therefore this procedure is not covered by MSP.

Radio Frequency FAQ 10: What are the Risks of Radio Frequency Treatments

Radio Frequency procedures cause few side effects and have little to no downtime. Studies show no significant side effects following treatments. For more information on radio frequency treatments, please contact us for a consultation

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