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 #1 Guide to Choosing the Best Pediatric Optometrist (With Bonus Tips for Parents)

So you searched “eye doctor near me” or “best pediatric optometrist” and were provided a few options. Now what? 

Just like selecting any other type of healthcare professional, it is a personal choice that needs to work long-term for you and your family. We have created the ultimate list with 6 key considerations to help you easily and confidently select the best eye doctor for your needs.  Why trust our advice? Dr. Shaun Pati has been voted the “Best Pediatric Optometrist in Burnaby” four years in a row, and it’s not by luck. Family-first, patient-centered care is our passion.

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1. Pediatric Optometrist Recommendations & Reviews

If you are looking for a new pediatric optometrist, or a children’s eye doctor, asking family and friends for recommendations is a good first step. 

Luckily, a lot of the qualifications you would look for when seeking a new optometrist for adults are the same when looking for a pediatric optometrist. Meaning once you find a great optometrist, usually you can take your entire family there with confidence.

Pediatric Eye Exams

The staff here have been phenomenal! The sincere care towards me and my eye care has been the best that I’ve experienced, bar none! (I’m saying this after jumping around numerous optometry’s in Vancouver for the past 23 years of my life). Since I have a dynamic schedule, I don’t make it easy for them to schedule me in, but they are always quick to respond and flexible to adapt to my schedule!”

S Wu


2. Check the Pediatric Optometrist Credentials

As a parent, time is particularly precious. You can save yourself a lot of time and uncertainty by relying on reputable sites such as ThreeBestRated, that rank, review and list the Top 3 Pediatric Optometrists. Every year, experts at ThreeBestRated recommend the Top 3 Pediatric Optometrists in Burnaby, BC and put all pediatric eye doctors through a rigorous 50-Point Inspection. This allows you to bring your family to a vetted, local optometrist that will provide you with the care you need.

ThreeBestRated Rigorous 50-Point Inspection Includes:

  • Ratings
  • Reputation
  • History
  • Complaints
  • Satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Cost
  • Location
  • General excellence
  • And more

3. Location, Location, Location

Since you likely searched “eye doctor near me”, location is important to you and your family. Selecting a nearby pediatric optometrist that has an office in a convenient location helps facilitate getting your errands and appointments done without having to drive all over the city. Consider your child’s eye doctor being in Metrotown Mall, where you are able to run to a grocery store, make a clothing return and grab a quick bite, all during your child’s eye exam.  
Location is particularly important for children under 18 as a yearly pediatric eye exam is recommended. Whereas once they are adults, eye exams are recommended every 2 years unless otherwise specified by the Optometrist.

Pediatric optometrist near me

Bonus Eye Exam Tip for Parents

Select an optometrist in a location with free and accessible parking. You can’t submit parking costs under your benefits and being able to come and go as you want adds a lot of convenience for the parent on-the-go. For details on free parking and how to find us click here.

4. Direct Billing

In today’s technology-filled world, it may seem like a no-brainer that all optometry office’s offer direct billingbut not all pediatric optometrists are created equal. 

Direct billing will ensure that your child’s eye exam and spectacle invoice will be submitted to your benefits provider on your behalf, rather than you having to do it on your own. Optometry insurance coverage can get complicated and often overwhelming so why waste your time when your eye doctor’s office can take care of it for you?



5. Insurance Coverage for Kids Eye Exams

Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers one full examination per year for children up to 18-years of age and partially covers individuals over 65-years of age. That means MSP does not provide reimbursement for individuals aged 18 to 64 unless they have a medical issue that falls within the MSP guidelines.

Bonus Pediatric Insurance Coverage Tips for Parents

If you and a spouse both have optometry benefits (and your pediatric optometrist has direct billing), you can choose which benefits provider they bill to! Unlike splitting a bill with a friend after grabbing dinner, it’s uncommon for an optometrist to be able to submit to multiple insurance providers. So ensure you select which insurance provider you want directly billed and any uncovered amounts you can submit via the other provider’s online platform.

6. Is it Family-First?

Large chain optometry stores can be less invested in your eye health and more on the bottom line. Selecting a family-first eye doctor near you provides you the flexibility and comfortability to bring your whole family there. In addition, you’ll typically receive more personalized and considerate treatment. A family-first optometry clinic is also more likely to have a kids play area as well! 

We know parents have a lot on their plate, so having a play area means your kids can have fun while you attend to your own vision and health needs. 

Pediatric optometrist

Real Eyes Optometry is currently accepting new families and patients of all ages, including kids!

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