Taking Care of Your Child’s Eye Sight

Real Eyes Optometry is Rated Top 3 Pediatric Optometrist 4 Years in a Row

If you are looking to book a pediatric eye exam or trying to find a new eye doctor great with kids, it is a personal choice that needs to work long-term for you and your family.  You can bring your entire family to Real Eyes Optometry with confidence. Awarded for the 4th year in a row, our very own Dr. Shaun Pati is highlighted on Three Best Rated.

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Pediatric Eye Exam Benefits with Real Eyes Optometry

If your child is under 18, getting a yearly pediatric eye exam is recommended. So selecting a nearby pediatric optometrist that has an office in a convenient location helps facilitate getting your errands and appointments done without having to drive all over the city. Consider being able to run to a grocery store, make a clothing return, and grab a quick bite, all while your child is having an eye exam.  

Direct Billing 

We make your life easier by submitting your claim directly and confirm coverage prior to booking your pediatric eye exam.

Convenient Location

Located in Metrotown with free and accessible parking with great office hours adds a lot of convenience for the parent-on-the-go.


We are a family-run, full scope optometry office that strives to provide the highest level of service – all while keeping a smile on our faces.

5-Star Care

Our Optometrists calm and comforting manner makes us great with kids, and parents of our pediatric patients can attest to that.

30+ Years Experience

We provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s refractive status, binocular vision system, and ocular health.

Kids Play Area 

We know parents have a lot on their plate. Our play area means your kids can have fun while you attend to your own vision health needs.

Real Eyes Optometry is currently accepting new families and patients of all ages, including kids!

The Importance of a Pediatric Eye Exam

1 Million

An estimated 11 million Americans aged 12 years and older could see better if they used corrective lenses, or had eye surgery, when appropriate.

3-5 Years

Vision screenings for all children aged 3-5 years helps find conditions such as lazy eye, which can be treated effectively, if caught early.


of preschool aged children never get a pediatric eye exam, which can have permanent effects on vision, education, and self esteem.

6 Months

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends a pediatric eye exam by 6 months of age and yearly until age 18.

Pediatric Eye Exams

“The staff here have been phenomenal! The sincere care towards me and my eye care has been the best that I’ve experienced, bar none! (I’m saying this after jumping around numerous optometrys in Vancouver for the past 23 years of my life). Since I have a dynamic schedule, I don’t make it easy for them to schedule me in, but they are always quick to respond and flexible to adapt to my schedule!”

— S Wu

Peace of Mind with the Best Rated Pediatric Eye Exam

Gain peace of mind when you take your children to a caring, professional, and helpful optometrist.

As a parent, time is particularly precious and your child deserves only the best. Annually, experts review all pediatric eye doctors with a rigorous 50-Point Inspection  to make it easy for you to find the best child eye doctors in key cities. Real Eyes Optometry has been voted Top 3 Pediatric Optometrists 4 years in a row.

The 50-Point Inspection includes the following:

  • Complaints
  • History
  • Reputation
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Satisfaction
  • Excellence
  • Ratings
  • Trust
Pediatric Eye Exams

“Very pleased with the quality and professionalism. We brought here five and eight year old kids who were quite anxious about the visit. A minute into a check up and kids were just enjoying themselves. We will be back in a year.”

Mariusz Stepien

Free Parent Checklist for a Pediatric Eye Exam

Symptoms may occur while your children are at school and can be missed by teachers who have to keep their eyes on many children all at once. Teachers are trained to detect obvious visual issues but it can be difficult to find more advanced visual concerns, particularly those that can present as behavioral rather than physical symptoms. 

If you suspect your children are experiencing symptoms, an easy check-list provided by the pediatric optometrist can make your life as a parent substantially easier. This ensures that the correct information is being conveyed to the optometrist when you go in for an appointment. 

Here is a quick vision checklist for young children:

Appearance of the Eyes

  • One eye turns in, out, up or down at any time
  • Reddened eyes or eyelids
  • Eyes tear excessively
  • Excessive blinking
  • Rubs eyes frequently during or after short periods of visual activity

Behavioral Signs of Visual Problems

  • Squints, closes or covers one eye
  • Tilts head while doing activities that are near (50cm away from eyes)
  • Feels objects rather than looking at objects
  • Avoids looking at books and puzzles, prefers toys they can handle
  • Holds books too close to face or holds face too close to desk surface
  • Sits very close to the TV (when repeatedly moved back)
  • Coloring: cannot stay within the lines (age dependent) or ignores the lines when coloring
  • Head turn with distance or near visual activities

If you notice any abnormal signs related to your child’s eyes or vision, please contact us to schedule an appointment with an Optometrist.