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Best Metrotown Optometrist #1 Comparison Chart

Most of us take our eyesight for granted. We will take the time to research company ratings and read reviews when online shopping, booking a hotel, or looking for a restaurant but don’t apply the same when choosing an eye doctor. 

So if you are looking for the best burnaby optometrist, we’ve created a comprehensive comparison chart with nothing held back. 

Metrotown Optometrist Comparison at a Glance

Whether you intend to read a number of individual reviews or are only interested in their overall rating, Google reviews can help provide the piece of mind that you are going to a caring, professional and helpful optometrist. Be sure to look at the “People often mention” words that will give you an overall sense of the reviews without reading each one.

Ratings & RankingReal Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare CentreEyestar Optical Metrotown
Google Rating 4.7 with 152 reviews
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3.5 with 35 reviews
ZDeJapiaECxb7FFxwkAgteQmFtFx8RXL4XRx8EBqDsohGkBTa1f9UT3IgwxysPALyb530swctwdHcy2hFo6RZMCG7goopCaI8PhTwK427RS1030SFxSMb5Go6upHU6VUvXyISDgj9iTRZoLq3BavmMWDpQgoSkJH aVWL0vbJAiu eGa1NZncEUYg
4.0 with 40 reviews
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RateMDs#9 of 33 Optometrists in Burnaby, British Columbia#22 of 33 Optometrists in Burnaby, British ColumbiaNot rated 


What’s a Full-Scope* Optometrist?

A full-scope optometry office offers comprehensive eye exams, specialty eye care with treatments, and products to cover all aspects of eye health. This includes comprehensive vision diagnostics, customized treatment recommendations, eye disease prevention, eye health products, maintenance tips, and much more. 

Does Your Metrotown Optometrist Offer These?

Additional ConsiderationsReal Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare CentreEyestar Optical Metrotown
Languages SupportedEnglish

Number of Optometrists351
Online StoreYesNoYes
Social MediaInstagram: Yes
FB: Yes
Instagram: No
FB: No
Instagram: No
FB: Yes


How Many Optometrists Are Just Right?

Less optometrists means less appointments are available, particularly the coveted after work and weekend options. These appointment times tend to book up faster and the optometry office is less likely to accommodate schedule changes or last minute appointment needs due to limited appointments slots.

Too many Optometrists can lead to a less personable experience since you may be seeing a different doctor for each visit. 

Pediatric Optometrist Metrotown Optometrist

Does My Optometrist Have a Social Media Account?

Social media is a direct way a business can give you information without spamming you. They will post about new sales, exclusive offers, new products available, new appointment times and educational videos to help you learn more about your eyes and health. Make your benefits coverage go the extra mile by saving money with offers, sales and multipair discounts. Social media also gives you an idea on how established the business is because there is far more than just one Metrotown optometrist. For something as important as your eyes, there is peace of mind in using an established, professional business. Follow us on social media for promotions, deals and educational content.

Metrotown Optometrist Glasses & Contact Lens Service Comparison

Comprehensive eye exams are more than just a routine vision test — it could help save your life. Our eyes often show signs of systemic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone imbalance and brain tumors.  Optometrists are critical, not only for diagnosing eye-related problems, but are essential in early detection of numerous health concerns in the body. 

 Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare CentreEyestar Optical Metrotown
Comprehensive Eye ExamYesYesYes
Contact Lens ExaminationYesYesNo
Contact Lens FittingsYesYesYes
Glasses FittingsYesNoYes


Why Do I Need a Contact Lens Fitting?

Contact lenses are not one-size-fits-all. Just like when we have our glasses meticulously fit to the bridge of our nose, the lenses centralized to the middle of our eyes, and the frames arms adjusted to sit properly on our ears, a similar type of precision is needed to properly fit contact lenses as well.

A contact lens fitting is vital for all contact lens wearers to ensure that the lenses fit each eye properly, your vision is good for distance and near, and your eye health is maintained. Consult your Metrotown optometrist today.

Best Types of Contact lenses for Dry Eyes
Metrotown Optometrist

Metrotown Optometrist Pediatric Services Comparison

Did you know vision screenings for all children aged 3-5 years helps find conditions such as lazy eye, which can be treated effectively, if caught early? 

 Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare CentreEyestar Optical Metrotown
Kids Play AreaYesNoNo


Best Pediatric Metrotown Optometrist in Burnaby Four Years in a Row

2023 award
Best Pediatric Optometrist Vancouver
Contact Us Pediatric Optometry
Pediatric Eye Exam
But I don’t have children, so I don’t need a pediatric optometrist.

Many of the qualifications you would look for when seeking a new optometrist for adults are the same when looking for a pediatric optometrist. In fact, every year experts at ThreeBestRated put all pediatric eye doctors through a rigorous 50-Point Inspection that includes everything from checking reviews, ratings, reputation, history, complaints, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. 

That means you can visit Real Eyes Optometry, a Metrotown optometrist, with the confidence that you will get a welcoming environment with comprehensive eye care. Real Eyes Optometry is here for you, whether that’s coming in for an eye examination, pre/post-op laser surgery appointments, orthokeratology follow-ups, or purchasing glasses and contact lenses.


Metrotown Optometrist Services Comparison

A comprehensive range of optometry services means you won’t have to take multiple trips to see different doctors and specialists. This may seem like an unlikely occurrence but 1 in 7 Canadians will develop a serious eye disease in their life. However, 75% of vision loss is preventable if treated properly.

 Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare CentreEyestar Optical Metrotown
Digital Eye Strain EvaluationYesYesNo
Digital Retinal Photography
(Special Diagnostic Vision Testing)
Medical Eye ExamsYesYesNo
(Overnight Corrective Lenses)
Dry Eye Treatments with Radio FrequencyYesNoNo
Refractive Surgery EvaluationsYesYesNo
Vision TherapyYesNoNo


Eye Blog metrotown Optometrist

Metrotown Optometrist Product Comparison

Whether you need eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, we are your one-stop shop for quality products and expert eye care. Our online store lets you easily shop and we carry only optometrist-recommended items. 

 Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare CentreEyestar Optical Metrotown
Designer FramesYesYesYes
Dry Eye ProductsYesNoNo
Lid & LashYesNoNo
Eye DropsYesNoNo


The Importance of a Great Optometrist

Our eyes are one of the most complex organs in our body and often show signs of non-eye-related conditions before the rest of the body is affected. Optometrists are critical, not only for diagnosing eye-related problems, but are essential in early detection of numerous health concerns in the body. Even for adults, whether you wear corrective lenses or not, annual checkups to detect eye complications are highly recommended.

Come visit Burnaby’s best Metrotown optometrist, located in the Office Galleria level. Comprehensive eye care, exciting new technology and quality products. 

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