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Metrotown Optical Comparison: Metropolis Eyecare Centre vs. REO

When it comes to eye care, you want the best services and personnel to ensure your eyes’ health. In this blog post, we’ll look at a detailed comparison of two well-known Metrotown optical practices: Real Eyes Optometry and Metropolis EyeCare Centre. 

While we may seem a little biased in this comparison, we’ll give you the facts exactly as they are. No fluff, nothing omitted. 

Both Burnaby vision care organizations are known for their dedication to providing outstanding eye care, but let’s look at the differences between them to help you make an informed decision regarding your Burnaby vision care.

Metrotown Optical Options: Which is Right for You?

Metropolis EyeCare Centre and Real Eyes Optometry are located in the heart of Burnaby and have been trusted brands in eye care for many years. So, how do we stack up? Of course not all patients leave reviews, just as we don’t always leave reviews on Amazon (even when we love the product), but seeing ratings and rankings directly from another customer goes a long way.

Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare Centre
In Business Since19892011*
Google Rating 4.7 with 182 reviews3.6 with 45 reviews
RateMDs#7 of 33 Optometrists in Burnaby, British Columbia#22 of 33 Optometrists in Burnaby, British Columbia
*Based on the Better Business Bureau

What Patients Say About Us

Metropolis Eyecare Centre

“I have been seeing Dr Sahota in the past five years I think. She has always been very upbeat, friendly, professional and detailed in doing the annual eye exam. One time I had pink eye infection and she knew exactly how to treat it. Dr Sahota is nice and I will highly recommend her. Their staff are also very friendly and knowledgeable.” – Vickie Wong

“This was my first time going to another optometrist other than my childhood optometrist and it was great!


When I called to ask how much my appointment would cost, the office staff was very clear and I was able to get an appointment within a week! They seemed nice:)

Upon arriving the day of my appointment The office staff were helpful and clear with what I needed to do to get everything in order with regards to my insurance and payment!

Office layout

The layout it quite compact and small but I had no issues with it!


The instructions to get to the office are very clear on the website and I really liked how they accounted for multiple modes of transportation (for example car, bus and Skytrain). I do wish that you had quotes about how much each of your services would cost (but maybe I missed that!). Other than that I liked the website and found it helpful!

Dr. Sahota ( I believe that’s her name!)

I can’t remember the name of my optometrist, but she was so lovely, kind, and personable. This is my first time meeting her, and I feel like she really made an effort to make conversation and make me feel comfortable!! I appreciated the level of connection she was able to extend and really showcased what a healthcare professional should be. She explained my prescription to me and seemed very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, they didn’t have my exact eye prescription in stock for me to try but that’s not the optometrist’s fault haha.


My other optometrist charges about $200 for a full eye exam and contact lens fitting while I was only charged $145 for both of those here 🙂

Overall I am happy to write a positive review because I will definitely come back for the quality care, convenient location and nice admin!” 

Does Metropolis Eyecare Centre Offer These?

Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare Centre
Languages SupportedEnglish
Direct BillingYes, to 18+ different insurance companies! Yes, however direct billing not offered for major, common insurance companies like Great West Life and Canada Life
Social MediaInstagram: Yes
FB: Yes
Instagram: No
FB: No

Direct Billing Implications

In today’s technology-filled world, it may seem like a no-brainer that all optometry office’s offer direct billing.

Direct billing will ensure that your vision care visits and invoices are submitted to your benefits provider on your behalf, rather than you having to do it on your own. Optometry insurance coverage can get complicated and often overwhelming so why waste your time when your eye doctor’s office can take care of it for you?

Why Would Social Media Matter?

You can boost your benefits coverage by gaining access to new sales and exclusive offers. Social media accounts also show how established the clinic is, and an established, professional business can give you peace of mind for your eye health.

Follow us on social media for promotions, deals, and educational content.

Metropolis Eyecare Centre

Metro Eyecare Glasses & Contact Lens Services

Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare Centre
Comprehensive Eye ExamYesYes
Contact Lens ExaminationYesYes
Contact Lens FittingsYesYes
Glasses FittingsYesNo

Specialty Optometrist Services Comparison

Because of our age, medical history, and lifestyle, our health can be in constant fluctuation. As a result, when it comes to maintaining good visual health, a comprehensive eye exam is only the beginning. 

Access to specialized Burnaby vision care services may make a significant impact in meeting the vision needs of people of all ages and altering lives through clear and comfortable vision. Whether you need competent pediatric eye care, cutting-edge contact lens fittings, or personalized treatment for eye conditions, your health, and vision require customized solutions. 

Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare Centre
Online StoreYesNo
Digital Eye Strain EvaluationYesYes
Digital Retinal Photography (Special Diagnostic Vision Testing)YesYes
Medical Eye ExamsYesYes
Orthokeratology (Overnight Corrective Lenses)YesNo
Dry Eye Treatments with Radio FrequencyYesNo
Refractive Surgery EvaluationsYesYes
Vision TherapyYesNo

Metro EyeCare Product Comparison

Whether you need eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, we are your one-stop shop for quality products and expert eye care.  All of our products are selected independently and we do not earn a commission for recommendations. So you can shop online knowing we carry only optometrist-recommended items.

Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare Centre
Designer FramesYesYes
Dry Eye ProductsYesNo
Lid & LashYesNo
Eye DropsYesNo

Optical Metrotown Pediatric Services Comparison

Did you know vision screenings for children aged 3-5 years old can detect conditions such as amlyopia (lazy eye), which can be treated effectively, if caught early? 

Real Eyes OptometryMetropolis Eyecare Centre
Kids Play AreaYesNo

Even for those who don’t have children, wouldn’t we prefer an optometrist whose kind, patient, and patient-centric care earned them Best Pediatric Optometrist in Burnaby’ Four Years in a Row?

Pediatric Eye Exam
Contact Us Pediatric Optometry
Best Pediatric Optometrist Vancouver. Pediatric Eye Exam
2023 award

 Choosing REO for Your Burnaby Vision Care

We hope that by this stage, our commitment for assisting patients has come through. 

Our optometrists take the time to ensure that each patient understands every aspect of the eye exam, including how their eyes work, treatment options available to them, and recommended maintenance advice and products to keep their eyes looking and feeling their best. Real Eyes Optometry is currently accepting new patients of all ages, including families, and we’d love to welcome you to our practice.

Still looking for more information? Give us a call or check out our team.

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