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5 Reasons Your Eyes Need Acuvue Oasys Max Contact Lenses

You’re thinking, I’ve tried a lot of contact lenses and they aren’t that different. Why do I need Acuvue Oasys Max contact lenses? Just like the rest of technology around us every day, the pace of innovation is rapidly increasing and not just for items like our phones and TV’s. Medical innovations offer us better … Read more

Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Type of Person 2022

Unique Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by. Our 2022 gift guide has you covered with the best gift ideas for everyone on your list  — from the person who has everything, foodies, workaholics, Insomniacs (or poor sleepers) to the health conscious people on your shopping list.  Check out our curated gift ideas … Read more

Diabetes Awareness Month: How to Save Your Vision

November is Diabetes Awareness Month and you may be thinking, ‘What do diabetic eye exams, or even just diabetes, have to do with my eyes?’ Our eyes are one of the most complex organs in our body and comprehensive eye exams can help detect certain medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, … Read more

Red Eyes: Ultimate FAQ’s & Top Optometrist Recommended Solutions

Red eyes are a problem that can affect many people. It can be caused by the environment, diet, sinus problems, or even as a side effect of some medications like antidepressants, birth control and antihistamines.The good news is that red eye relief is easy: keep reading for our optometrist recommended red eye products and treatments. … Read more

5 Vision Red Flags & Reasons to Book Your Childrens Eye Exam

For children, just as their height, skills, and personality evolves as they age — so does their eyes. Vision changes occur naturally, their eyes grow along with their bodies, which is why it’s important to book your children’s eye exam yearly until age 18. As children progress throughout their education, the demands on their visual … Read more

Best Metrotown Optometrist #1 Comparison Chart

If you are looking for the best Optometrist in Burnaby in the Metrotown are, we’ve created a comprehensive comparison chart with nothing held back. 

 #1 Guide to Choosing the Best Pediatric Optometrist (With Bonus Tips for Parents)

So you searched “eye doctor near me” or “best pediatric optometrist” and were provided a few options. Now what?  Just like selecting any other type of health care professional, it is a personal choice that needs to work long-term for you and your family. We have created the ultimate list with 6 key considerations to … Read more

Ultimate Polarized Lenses Guide for Vancouver Sports

Contrary to popular belief, UV protection is needed all year round — even on cloudy days. Without protection, your eyes can get sunburned the same way skin can. UV rays don’t just reflect off large bodies of water and snow, it also reflects off buildings, sand, cars, glass, mirrors, and a whole lot more. So … Read more

Allergy-Proof Your Summer! 5 Ways to Survive BC Allergy Season

It’s not you, its allergies. It’s that season again in Vancouver where the sneezing, tearing and wheezing is back. When it comes to allergy-proofing your summer, you need to know the two main allergy seasons we have in BC.  BC Allergy Season Round 1 A good yearly benchmark for the start of BC allergy season … Read more

5 Best Eye Vitamins (Proven for Eye Health & Prevention)

We frequently take our eye health and vision for granted. Our eyes, just like our bodies, require different vitamins and nutrients to function properly. Particularly as you age, you need a vital balance of vitamins to keep your eye health and vision at its best. For instance, without enough Vitamin A and B12, the likelihood … Read more