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Finding the Best Eye Checkup Near Me in 7-Steps

You likely won’t find it shocking that our optometrists at Real Eyes Optometry recommend regular eye checkups. It is the best way to maintain good vision and detect potential eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and other vision-threatening conditions.  

To save you from wading through and searching the infinite web for an ‘eye checkup near me’, ‘Vancouver Eye Care Centre’, or an ‘eye care center in Vancouver’, we’ve built you a quick and easy guide to find the best eye checkup near you. And who better to help you find an optometrist… than another optometrist! And award-winning ones at that

Understanding the Importance of Regular Eye Checkups

We promise we won’t belabor the point, but truly, regular eye exams are crucial. If you only take away one thing, it’s that a comprehensive eye exam can detect potentially life-threatening conditions, like brain tumours, and other systemic conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. This is because your local optometrist has special tests to look at your veins and arteries through your eyes — the only direct access point in your body where they can be inspected without an incision.

When it comes to our health, our eyesight is a precious asset (one often overlooked until there is an issue) that deserves to be treated with the highest-levels of care. The great news is that 75% of vision loss can be treated or prevented. So don’t let booking your next eye exam slip off your to-do list.

Searching for Eye Checkup Services Near You

To find the best eye checkup near you, it’s important to utilize various resources and strategies. Start your online search by typing “eye checkup near me” or “eye exam near me.” This simple search will provide you with a list of local eye care providers, including optometrists working at private practices, and opticals. Then it’s time to become selective based on your personal needs! Our straightforward checklist will guide you through picking the perfect eye care center for you.

8-Point Best Eye Checkup Near Me Check-List

1. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Check Patient Reviews

To learn more about the experiences and levels of satisfaction of past clients, read reviews, and testimonials. Genuine comments might offer insightful information about the level of service you can anticipate.

2. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Ratings

More tenured optometrists often have profiles on ‘Rate MD’ and Three Best Rated (a site dedicated to finding you the top 3 local businesses, professionals, and health care providers in any city).

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 3. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Languages Supported

The Greater Vancouver area in British Columbia, is known for its cultural diversity and multilingual population. The most popular languages spoken, apart from English, include Punjabi, Cantonese, and Mandarin. 

The best eye care centers have already anticipated your needs and will have staff on hand to help you. This can be a massive benefit for caretakers or those supporting elderly family members as the optometrist will be able to speak directly to the patient rather than potentially requiring a translator during visits.

4. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Number of Optometrists

Fewer optometrists imply fewer appointment options, especially for highly sought-after after-work and weekend times. However, if there are too many optometrists, you might be seeing a new optometrist for each visit, which might make the experience less personalized. 

Eye Checkup Near Me

5. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Pediatric-Focused

But I don’t have children, so I don’t need a pediatric optometrist. Many of the qualifications you would look for when seeking a new optometrist for adults are the same when looking for a pediatric optometrist. Selecting a family-first eye doctor near you provides you the flexibility and comfort to bring your whole family there (regardless of age). At Real Eyes Optometry, we are proud to have been named the Best Pediatric Optometrist in Burnaby’ Four Years in a Row.

 6. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Services Offered

Like finding a good car mechanic, once you find your optometrist you’ll likely prefer to have one comprehensive clinic handle all your eye care needs rather than visiting a vancouver eye care center for your eye health and then a different clinic for treatment of eye conditions and product sales. All-in-one clinics can offer a range of the following services:

7. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Trust

Seek out licensed optometrists with a lot of relevant experience. Your eyes will be treated by professionals who are qualified to do so. This information is often found by searching for their websites ‘About Us’ section or by contacting the clinic directly. 

8. Best Eye Checkup Near Me: Cost & Billing

In booking an eye exam, price may not be a large factor, however, how the local eye care office handles your billing or interfacing with your insurance provider will either make your appointment a breeze or a hassle. Check if they will directly bill your insurance provider. 

Optometrist Tip: MSP covers one full examination per year for children up to 18 years of age and partially covers individuals over 65 years of age.

The Importance of a Great Optometrist

Our eyes are one of the most complex organs in our body and often show signs of non-eye-related conditions before the rest of the body is affected. You can visit Real Eyes Optometry, a Metrotown optometrist, with the confidence that you will get a welcoming environment with comprehensive eye care. Real Eyes Optometry is here for you, whether that’s coming in for an eye examination, pre/post-op laser surgery appointments, orthokeratology follow-ups, or purchasing glasses and contact lenses.

Still looking for a bit more information? We’ve got you covered.

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