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8 Tips to Prevent Digital Eyestrain | Protect Your Vision


Digital Eyestrain Testing


What is Digital Eyestrain?

Like most of us, you probably use screens for just about everything — to work, to relax, or just to keep up with daily life. Your digital devices may be to blame if your eyes feel dry and tired, your vision is blurry by the end of the day, or your head, neck, and shoulders ache all the time.

We often take our eyes for granted, but with a few simple tips on how to change how you use smartphones, computers, tablets, and other screens, you can keep from suffering digital eyestrain.

Do I Have Digital Eye Strain?

Digital Eyestrain


Digital Eyestrain

Find out more about Digital Eyestrain, also known as Computer Vision Syndrome or visit an Eye Doctor for a Comprehensive Eye Exam. Learning how to manage our habits in front of a screen can help prolong our eye health for years to come.

8 Best Rated Tips to Prevent Digital Eyestrain (from Digital Devices)

Rest assured, you don’t need to cut out all screen time; however, here is how you can use your devices, and have it be easier on your eyes.

  1. Screen Distance: Have your computer screen about 25 inches (65cm), or an arm’s length, away from your face. 
  2. Screen Level: The center of the screen should be about 10-15 degrees below eye level. Using a standing desk can help both your eye level and your posture with prolonged time spent infront of the screen.
  3. Follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. This relaxes your focusing system. 
  4. Take a Break: Time passes very quickly when you are online or watching movies on your computer. Make sure you get up and take a break after every 2 hours you spend on your devices. A 15 minutes break will really reduce your risk of Digital Eyestrain.
  5. Artificial tears: Dry eyes are a common symptom of spending too much time infront of a screen. Eye drops can be used to refresh your eyes when they feel dry or irritated.
  6. Humidifier: Placing one in the room where you most often use a computer or other devices can help provide moisture for your eyes. Make sure you are well hydrated as well.
  7. Room Lighting: Ensure the lighting in the room you’re in is bright enough. The devices shouldn’t be brighter than the surrounding light. Starring at your computer in the dark can be harmful to your eye sight.
  8. Switch it Up: If you wear contact lenses, you can give your eyes a break by wearing glasses. Feeling irritated by your contacts is a sure sign that you need to get up fro a break.

How Real Eyes Optometry Can Help Prevent Digital Eyestrain

digital eyestrain

Our Eye doctors at Real Eyes Optometry recommend using ‘Blue-blocker’ lenses to prevent Digital Eyestrain. These lenses reduce visual discomfort and the harmful effects of blue light from our devices.

Regular eye exams are also very important. Visit us at Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, as you might need to use a different pair of glasses when you’re working on a computer.

Another option to consider is Radiofrequency. This is a non-surgical lid treatment that safely and effectively treats dry eyes at the source. This no needle, no downtime and treatment also helps with what people often describe as fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a smoother, rejuvenated appearance around the eyes. At Real Eyes Optometry, we offer this treatment as well, contact us for more information.

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