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See below for help finding our office and parking recommendations.

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    Finding Our Office

    Our office can be a bit tricky to find, please give yourself some extra time when coming to visit us. Real Eyes Optometry is located on the 4th floor Office Galleria Level (listed as OG on the elevator) in Metrotown Mall. If you are having trouble navigating through Metrotown, please follow these instructions or contact us, there will always be someone there to help guide you.

    Contact Us Real Eyes Optometry parking map
    Closest parking to Real Eyes Optometry

    Parking Recommendations

    Parking Recommendations

    If Driving: We recommend parking in the lot off of Bennett and Nelson

    If Walking: We recommend entering the Mall near Walmart, located off of Central Blvd, Burnaby. From Walmart, there are elevators straight ahead that will take you up to the OG level.

    If Taking TransLink: Once at Metrotown Skytrain Station, take the second-floor entrance. Real Eyes Optometry is across the mall and approximately a 6-minute stroll away.

    1. Once you enter the mall head towards Zara and turn right. Walk past American Eagle towards the elevators.
    2. Follow the corridor until you see The Body Shop and turn right to cross over to the other side of the shopping centre.
    3. Walk past the Apple store, you are almost there.
    4. The Grand Court is just ahead where you can find an elevator to take you upstairs.

    Real Eyes Optometry is directly across from the elevators on the 4th floor. For more information, check out our video on how to get to our offices here.

    From the Food Court: If you find yourself at the Food Court on the second floor, walk towards Lids and straight to the Grand Court Elevators, you will see signs that point to the Office Galleria. Take the elevator up to the 4th floor (OG Level) and we will see you soon.

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    Contact us for more info on our awards and check out our team here!

    Real Eyes Optometry is always happy to hear from you and loves that our community is able to contact us in a variety of ways. Feel free to reach out and see what we are up to. You can also join our mailing list and stay up to date with all of our current events by emailing us at realeyesoptometry(at)

    As a family-run small business in Burnaby B.C., we truly appreciate your support, whether it’s as simple as a quick review or dropping by to say hello, no gesture is gone unnoticed.

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