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Contact Lens Solution vs. Saline Solution for Eyes (Plus 3 Eye Doctor Recommendations)

Millions of individuals wear contact lenses safely every day, but they do need some maintenance and care. Oil, dirt, cosmetics, and bacteria may all collect on them over time, irritating or even damaging your eyes. A lens that is not properly cleaned and disinfected might increase the risk of eye infection, thus maintaining excellent hygiene is critical! A healthy maintenance program will involve some sort of contact solution and associated items, as well as cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing the lenses correctly.

While the variety of treatment possibilities may seem daunting, your local eye care provider can recommend items that are most suited to your contact lens type and eyes, particularly if you have allergies or are prone to protein accumulation. Some cleaning regimens may be multistep, while others may be “all-in-one,” but it is critical to understand the purpose of each solution and avoid confusing their application settings.

When to Use a Contact Lens Solution

Contact lens solution is a commercially available chemical solution for cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses. There are several varieties and brands, but the majority of them include some form of preservative, binding agent, buffer, and surfactant or wetting agent.

These components efficiently eliminate any buildup on the lenses, without scratching them, as well as condition the lenses to be moist and wet on the surface of your eyes. When not in use, lenses may be properly stored in contact lens solution to maintain sterility and hydration.

Saline Solution for Eyes

Best Contact Lens Solution for Dry Eyes

Like any product out there, not all are created equal. Rather than needing to determine what type of contact lenses you have (there are many options) the Clear Care Solution works for both soft and hard contact lenses. It is a deep cleaning formula as it is hydrogen peroxide based, and is preservative free, so it will be great for patients who have had sensitivities to other multi-purpose contact lens solutions. 

Looking for Optometrist Recommended Contact Lens brands? 

Our recommendations take into consideration your lifestyle, allergies, eye sensitivity, and conditions like dry eyes. Plus, all of our recommendations are selected independently and are not influenced by commissions.

Is Contact Lens Solution the Same as Saline Solution?

They are not the same! Contact lens solution maintains sterility and hydration when your contacts are not in use. Whereas a Saline solution is a simple, pH-balanced saltwater solution that may be used to cleanse your lenses before inserting them. It is vital to remember that Saline solution has no cleaning agents and should never be used to clean, disinfect, or store your lenses. 

If you are a contact lens wearer, you should use a new contact lens solution every time you clean and store your contacts. Yes, you should replace your contact lens solution on a daily basis if you use contacts. 

If your eye doctor has recommended that you use a saline solution as part of your lens-cleaning routine, be sure to purchase a commercial preparation that is authorized for contact lens usage. Never try to produce your own combination at home, since EyeSmart reports that such DIY versions have been connected to dangerous corneal infections.

What Saline Solution Is Best for Eyes?

The Bausch and Lomb Sensitive Plus Saline Solution is gentle and has a low level of preservatives. It can be used for daily eye care,  addressing minor irritations, or rinsing away harmful substances or chemicals. Saline solutions are indispensable for promoting clear vision and maintaining eye comfort and health.

Saline Solution for Eyes: 3 Optometrist  Recommendations

1. Should I use Saline Eye Drops?

We do not recommend using a saline eye drop. Instead, using a preservative- free artificial tear like I-DROP PUR  can help alleviate dry eye symptoms from contact lens wear and can be used while having contact lenses in the eyes. They are a non-prescription product that can be used four or more times per day. Gel eye drops such as I-DROP PUR GEL are a great option to use when the contact lenses are not in the eyes. They are thicker (providing longer-lasting relief), making them appropriate for people who have severe dry eyes. 

Why REO Recommends I-DROP® PUR GEL:

  • Is preservative-free and comes in an easy-to-use multidose bottle 
  • Easily accessible, non-prescription gel formulation
  • Superior and prolonged moisturizing and lubrication for moderate dry eye symptoms including computer vision syndrome.
  • Does not blur the vision and leaves no residual residue
  • Use during the day time and prior to bed for overnight protection from dry eye symptoms. 

Optometrist Tip: To relieve minor irritation, pain, and burning, rewet all silicone hydrogel and soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses with preservative-free artificial tears.

2. Saline Solution for Eyes (Daily Use)

Our top recommendation for a contact lens rinse for sensitive eyes is Bausch & Lomb Sensitive Plus Saline Solution, a rinse for your hard and soft contact lenses. Why we recommend it:

  • This is not a cleaning solution. It acts as a rinse once the lenses are clean.
  • Lowest level of preservative available in a preserved saline solution.
  • pH-balanced formula contains potassium, an ingredient found in your own tears.

3. Saline Eye Wash (Eye Emergency Use)

A saline eye wash is often used to remove unwanted particles, chemicals, or irritants that may come into contact with the eyes when at home, at work, or during leisure activities. Saline eye wash can quickly flush out these irritants and, in severe cases, are crucial to delivering instant comfort while limiting the risk of long-term injury if you are exposed to harmful substances or chemicals. 

If you’ve ever had an object in your eye, you know the irritation and discomfort requires near immediate attention. Rather than needing to venture out to your nearest pharmacy, while battling decreased vision, it is a great idea to have a saline eye wash on hand.
Our top recommendation is Bausch & Lomb’s Advanced Eye Relief® Eye Wash. It relieves irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging, and itching by removing foreign particles, air pollutants (smog or pollen), and chlorinated water.

Why we like it: Convenient bottle tip allows use with or without the enclosed sterile eyecup. Contoured cup design Bausch & Lomb is a brand we comfortably recommend to our patients.

Saline Solution for Eyes

We only recommend products we use ourselves and for our families. Our patient-centric clinic is located inside Metrotown Mall in Burnaby. We serve patients all throughout the lower mainland and with 20+ years experience you can have the peace of mind you are in good hands. 

Going Beyond Saline Solution for Eyes 

The majority of the oil, dirt, cosmetics, and bacteria that can irritate or even damage the eyes collects around your eyes. A lash wipe is an incredibly easy, affordable, and quick option for your eyelids that removes ocular debris and makeup from the skin around the eyes. I-LID ‘N LASH helps maintain lid and lash health, and enhances the effectiveness of artificial tears.

Why REO Recommends I-LID ‘N LASH: 

  • Effective water-based cleanser that is ideal for dry eyes and sensitive skin
  • Paraben-free and safe for children
  • Helps to improve ocular health 
  • Helps to soothe inflamed skin around the eyes (does not sting, burn, or irritate sensitive eyes)
  • Superior moisturizing (contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin)
  • Easy to use – run the cleansing pad along the lid margin of a closed eye, moving from the nasal zone outwards several times.
  • No need to wash the eyes and lids after use

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