Total lens care

Contact Lens Care Guidelines

Contact lenses are a prescribed medical device placed on the cornea of your eye. Corneal damage and other ocular complications can occur as a result of not sticking to the guidelines recommended by your doctor.

At Real Eyes Optometry, we offer ‘Total Lens Care’. This means that all of your contact lens-related visits and contact lens modifications are covered when you purchase them through our office.

contact lens care

6 Things You Should Do For Contact Lens Care

◦ Keep scheduled follow-up appointments with your Optometrist.
◦ Wear your contact lenses for at least 4 hours on the day of  your follow-up appointment, unless they are causing discomfort.
◦ Remove your contact lenses at least one hour before bedtime to ensure proper oxygen nourishment gets to the cornea.
◦ Give your eyes a break from contacts at least one full day a week to ensure proper oxygen nourishment gets to the cornea.
◦ ALWAYS wash your hands before handling your contact lenses.
◦ See your Optometrist right away if your eyes/contact lenses are uncomfortable, irritated, painful, or if your vision is blurry.

5 Things You Should Not With Your Contact Lenses

    • Continue the use of contact lenses if your eyes become irritated, red, painful, or if your vision gets worse while wearing them.

    • Remove the lenses, thoroughly clean them, and allow your eyes to adjust back to normal. If this problem continues, contact our office.

    • Exceed the recommended wearing schedule, even if the lenses feel comfortable in your eyes.

    • Wear your contact lenses longer than 12 hours a day, unless told otherwise by your Optometrist.

    • DO NOT use saliva/tap-water when handling the contact lenses. Saliva/tap-water contain bacteria which can penetrate and destroy your cornea within hours!



Download Do’s and Don’ts Checklist

Real Eyes Optometrist provides ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses. Please contact us for more details.