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Burnaby’s Best Eye Clinic – Rated Top 3 Pediatric Optometrists in Burnaby

Burnaby’s Eye Clinic

Our Mission

At Real Eyes Optometry, our eye doctors are dedicated to becoming Burnabys best eye clinic by providing our patients with compassionate and courteous care with the highest levels of Optometric service, expertise, and clinical knowledge. We were nominated by Small Business BC for the Community Impact Award as well as Top 3 Pediatric Optometrists in Burnaby.

Check out our inspirational story explaining why we are focused on being Burnabys best eye clinic by providing patient-centered care. Our doctors take the time to ensure every patient understands all aspects of the eye exam, how their eyes work, any treatment options they need, and recommend maintenance tips and products to keep their eyes looking their best.

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Our Story

In 1989, Dr. Tony Wang began his optometry practice in Burnaby, Canada, serving the local community. Throughout the years, his practice grew as he continued to adopt the latest trends in technology to fully serve his patients, which includes one of Burnaby’s former mayors.

In 1995, Dr. Wang helped a patient recover her eyesight after a serious car accident. The patient’s six-year-old son accompanied his mother to her appointments and after numerous follow-ups over the course of several years, Dr. Wang helped his mother fully regain her eyesight. After that, the son began visiting Dr. Wang as a patient too.

From that moment, the boy developed a fascination with eyesight and optometric instruments. He realized that he was inspired by Dr. Wang and he decided to pursue an education in optometry, eventually moving away from Burnaby to study at Pacific University in Oregon, where he would meet his future wife.

In 2015, he graduated and became Shaun Pati, Doctor of Optometry. In 2016, he bumped into Dr. Wang at an Optometry conference in Vancouver. They reconnected and decided to team up to continue serving the Metrotown community as Burnaby eye doctors. In 2017, Real Eyes Optometry was formed.

Our Vision

Burnaby’s Eye Clinic

Our vision for the office is to create a welcoming inclusive environment with a team of Burnaby Eye Doctors. We want to provide the best comprehensive eye care for you and your family. Whether that’s coming in for an eye examination, pre/post-op laser surgery appointments, orthokeratology follow-ups, or purchasing glasses & contact lenses, we are here for you.

Our state-of-the-art machines are constantly updated so we can provide the comprehensive eye care you need while helping you understand the health and anatomy of your own eyes. That means you won’t have to take multiple trips to see different doctors and specialists.

We will help our patients find a great pair of glasses or contact lenses that suits each individual’s style and needs. Whether you need eyeglasses, sunglasses or contact lenses, we are your one-stop shop for quality products and expert eye care. Come visit Burnabys Eye Clinic at Metrotown Mall, located in the Office Galleria level.

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Burnaby’s Eye Doctors

Nominated Top 3 Pediatric Optometrists 5 Years in a Row

We are a family-run, full-scope optometry office that strives to be Burnabys premier eye clinic by providing the highest level of service. With over 30 years of experience, we continue to add the latest technology so that patients can come to us for all their eye needs. Dr. Shaun Pati provides a comprehensive evaluation that assesses your child’s refractive status, binocular vision system, and ocular health – all while keeping a smile on their face. His calm and comforting manner makes him great with kids, and the parents of his pediatric patients can attest to that. He is currently accepting families and patients of all ages, including kids!

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We are thrilled to announce that Real Eyes Optometry has been named one of the Burnabys best eye clinics by TheBestVancouver.com! This prestigious recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to providing top-quality eye care services to our community. Read the article here.

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Burnabys Best Eye Clinic: Interested in More?

Located in the dynamic heart of Burnaby, Real Eyes Optometry is more than just an eye clinic; we are a community-driven, family-oriented practice committed to inclusivity and individual care. Recognized by many, we offer multilingual services to reflect the diverse fabric of our community, ensuring everyone feels understood and respected. Our services cater to all age groups, from the youth to our treasured elders, in an environment rich with trust and expertise.

Head to our “Meet the Team” page to discover the passionate individuals behind our top-notch services. Dr. Shaun Pati, our founder, sets the standard for our clinic’s patient-centered philosophy. Dr. Amit Sahota, featured on International Women’s Day, is a testament to our commitment to diversity and female leadership. Dr. Tony Wang, our original optometrist at Metrotown Mall, brings years of community-focused experience. Our glowing profile in Burnaby Now and encouraging reviews on RateMD further validate our standing in the community.

But what truly distinguishes us is our advocacy for minority communities and everyone’s right to equal health care. We believe that vision care is not just about eyesight; it’s about perspective, empathy, and community unity. Our goal transcends clinical excellence; it’s about forging a close-knit community where everyone feels genuinely seen and cherished. Each interaction, be it an appointment or casual conversation, is an opportunity for us to establish our clinic as a sanctuary for individuals from all walks of life.

Backed by an efficient and compassionate support staff, we continuously strive to uphold our reputation as a business that strives to be Burnaby’s best eye clinic. Their expertise ensures that your experience is seamless from start to finish, reinforcing our community-first approach.

So, we invite you to explore our “Meet the Team” page. At Real Eyes Optometry, you’ll find more than optometrists; you’ll find neighbors, advocates, and friends committed to your eye care and well-being. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

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