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Burnaby Business Excellence Awards Exclusive Announcement: Dr. Amit Sahota Top 5 Finalist as Person of the Year

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards 2023

Burnaby Excellence Awards

We are honored that our very own Dr. Amit Sahota has been named a finalist in this year’s Burnaby Business Excellence Awards in the “Person of the Year” category.

As a representative of Real Eyes Optometry, Dr. Amit Sahota is an exemplary example of someone who supports diversity, and inclusivity, and puts a patient’s well-being first. We are a business deeply rooted in the community and follow Dr. Sahota’s lead in continually pioneering initiatives that are transforming not just our workplace, but also the optometry industry at large.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards: Gender Diversity and Women Leadership Role Models

Burnaby's Best Eye Clinic Pediatric Optometry, Burnaby Excellence Awards

The role of women in leadership is a focal point in our diversity and inclusion efforts at Real Eyes Optometry. Dr. Amit Sahota, an alumnus of Pacific University in Oregon, embodies the traits of a dedicated, persevering, and respectful leader.

Her exceptional skills and commitment have not only enriched our practice but also established her as a role model. She drives us towards growth by championing initiatives that are designed to enhance inclusivity and diversity, like our efforts to provide multilingual services and be welcoming to BIPOC.

Dr. Sahota shows us what it means to be a transformative and compassionate leader in a healthcare setting, and her role has been pivotal in our growth objectives.


Burnaby Business Excellence Awards: Achievements and Recognition

While our unwavering dedication to community well-being and excellence in pediatric optometry has earned us accolades, including a nomination for the Best Community Impact 2021 award and consistent recognition as one of the top 3 pediatric optometrists for four consecutive years on threebestrated.ca, we often find our greatest rewards come in more personal forms.

It’s the simple, heartfelt tokens of appreciation from our youngest patients, like this drawing gifted to Dr. Amit Sahota from one of her pediatric patients who was very excited for her first eye exam, that underline what recognition truly means.  These moments of genuine gratitude resonate deeply with us, serving as a beautiful reminder that our work is not just about achieving excellence, but more importantly, about making a meaningful difference in the lives of the children we serve.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards: Diversity and Inclusion

At Real Eyes Optometry, we continually strive to create a workspace where every individual feels respected. Dr. Amit Sahota believes that a vibrant team reflects a rich tapestry of different backgrounds, and this diversity is celebrated through the acknowledgment and celebration of various cultural holidays and traditions such as Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, and the Lunar Festival. We also ensure our product range is varied and reflective of these cultural preferences and needs. Our leadership structure is a testament to our commitment, with an impressive 88% representing varied backgrounds, reinforcing our commitment to an inclusive workplace.

We extend our mission of inclusivity to patient care as well, ensuring our facilities and services are accessible and accommodating to all. Our office is designed to accommodate less able-bodied and disabled individuals for their eye exams and eye care needs. We also offer communication provisions for the hearing impaired. The emphasis on mutual respect is further highlighted by our multilingual staff, proficient in Spanish, Punjabi, Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, and our meticulous effort to be an ally and respect individual pronouns. These efforts show our dedication to creating an environment where each patient and staff member feels heard, respected, and valued, underscoring our enduring commitment to an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards: Community Involvement

Community involvement is a cornerstone of our values at Real Eyes Optometry, living by the belief that “the community comes first.” Dr. Amit Sahota contributes by donating glasses and frames to the Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Program, a program that helps provide glasses to those in need.

The Lions Club is a beacon of community service in Burnaby, renowned for helping meet the needs of the underserved community and making a tangible difference. They help in providing vision care, aiding the elderly, supporting youth, and addressing health and humanitarian needs, thus helping foster a sense of community welfare and mutual support.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards: Social Responsibility

Under Dr. Sahota’s guidance, Real Eyes Optometry is deeply dedicated to ecological and societal responsibility, a reflection of her profound belief in wellness and sustainability. As a team, we believe in the Ocean Cleanup initiatives. Dr. Sahota supports contributions to the crucial environmental restoration efforts off Vancouver’s coast. With a keen understanding of the interconnections between environmental health and individual well-being, she is deeply cognizant of the adverse impacts of global warming, forest fires, and extended winters on vision health.

Her convictions align seamlessly with our dedication to diversity and inclusivity, as she views ecological sustainability as a pivotal facet of equitable healthcare access and quality. Dr. Sahota strengthens our pursuit of excellence in ocular health, ensuring our approach is as encompassing as it is forward-thinking.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards: Work-Life Balance and Wellness

Burnabys best eye clinic,
Burnaby Business Excellence Awards

At Real Eyes Optometry, Dr. Amit Sahota truly believes in taking care of our staff, and creating a balanced and supportive environment that’s essential in navigating the demands of the healthcare industry. We provide a range of benefits that include dental, prescription medication, chiropractor, massage, counseling, and therapy services to ensure the well-being of our staff.

Our commitment to the mental health of our team is evident through our specialized support portal. We also value the visual health of our staff and provide free eye care and eyewear, recognizing the importance of good vision in our line of work.


Adding a splash of joy to our clinic is our lovable mascot, a lovebird named Mango. He has a way of lightening the atmosphere, often perched on Dr. Sahota’s shoulders, providing moments of levity and amusement, as he supervises the workplace. Check out a video of them at the front desk on our Instagram page.

In addition, we also value unity and mutual respect, cultivating this through shared meals and monthly team meetings, creating a safe space for feedback where everyone feels valued, heard, and included. These moments of connection are vital in building a positive and cohesive workplace culture, ensuring that every team member feels content and supported.

We’re also big on work-life balance, providing flexible schedules, especially for those who are still in school and training to enter the optometry field. It is just as important for our experienced optometrists like Dr. Tony Wang, who is semi-retired, to have the ability to spend more time with family and still be able to manage professional and personal responsibilities effectively. This focus on balance and flexibility ensures that our passionate team can give their best at work while enjoying fulfilling personal lives.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards:
Industry Impact

Being an industry leader means setting examples. Real Eyes Optometry actively publishes well-researched articles, and participates in optometry conventions to keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology. Our partnerships with secondary school programs from Burnaby Central Secondary School and prestigious institutions like Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, and Douglas College enable us to offer co-op and mentorship sessions. These programs give opportunities to interested students to job shadow Dr. Amit Sahota and our other optometrists. Throughout the day, mentees gain experience and are able to seek career-relevant advice thereby ensuring an exciting future generation of optometrists.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards

Real Eyes Optometry goes beyond the conventional role of a healthcare provider by being a beacon for diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the industry. It is with great humility that we support Dr. Amit Sahota, believing earnestly that her holistic approach to healthcare and employee welfare makes her an exemplary contender for the Person of the Year – Burnaby Business Excellence Awards. We are very excited for the 24th Burnaby Business Excellence Awards Gala and announcement in November 2023.

To learn more about her training and book an appointment with Dr. Amit Sahota, check out her team profile.

Burnaby Business Excellence Awards Burnaby Business Excellence Awards Burnaby Business Excellence Awards Burnaby Business Excellence Awards

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