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Dr. Tony Wang Listed Best Optometrists in Burnaby 2023

Voted Best Optometrists in Burnaby by Threebestrated.ca

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At Real Eyes Optometry, we are thrilled to feature Dr. Tony Wang, recently named one of the Best Optometrists in Burnaby for 2023 by ThreeBestRated.ca.

With a career rich in experience spanning over three decades, Dr. Tony Wang has dedicated his life to providing exceptional eye care services to the community of Burnaby.

Dr. Tony Wang 醫師獲選為 2024 年溫哥華(本那比)最佳眼睛視力光學醫生

Tony Wang Best Optometrists in Burnaby Award

A Career Rooted in Passion and Expertise

Dr. Tony Wang is a graduate of the University of Waterloo Optometry School, class of 1986, and has been a pillar of optometry in the Burnaby area. His expertise lies in Orthokeratology and specialty contact lens fittings.

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Dr. Tony Wang Contact Lens Expert

Dr. Tony Wang is recognized for his specialization in advanced contact lens fittings. His expertise is particularly notable in the realm of Gas Permeable (GP) lenses, orthokeratology and scleral lenses. These specialized lenses are known for their custom fit, offering sharper vision and greater comfort for those with specific eye conditions such as keratoconus or irregular corneas.

By focusing on these personalized contact lens solutions, Dr. Wang ensures that his patients have the best possible vision correction, tailored to their individual needs. This attention to detail and personal care are among the reasons why Dr. Wang is highly regarded as one of the best Optometrists in Burnaby.

Multilingual Optometry Services
溫哥華 眼睛視力光學檢查

Communication is key to excellent patient care, which is why Dr. Wang’s proficiency in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English sets him apart, offering a comfortable experience for our diverse community.

Unique Features That Set Dr. Wang Apart

    • Accessibility: Dr. Wang understands life’s unpredictability, which is why he is open to walk-in and same-day appointments to accommodate your schedule.
    • Direct Billing: Ease of payment is key, and Dr. Wang’s services include direct billing options for a hassle-free experience.
    • Inclusive Care: Dr. Wang and Real Eyes Optometry pride themselves on welcoming all communities, including immigrant families and the LGBTQIA+, ensuring everyone receives the care they deserve.

The Story of Dr. Wang and Dr. Shaun Pati: An Inspirational Journey

The legacy of Dr. Tony Wang’s compassionate care is a chronicle of mentorship and inspiration that can be seen in Dr. Shaun Pati’s journey to optometry. At just six years old, Shaun watched his mother recover from eye injuries, thanks to Dr. Wang’s expert care.

He not only helped restore her vision after a severe car accident but also ignited a young boy’s passion for eye care. This pivotal encounter with Dr. Tony Wang led Shaun on a path to becoming an optometrist himself, a journey that came full circle when mentor and protégé reunited at an optometry conference.

This led to the founding of Real Eyes Optometry, a practice that has been recognized with nominations from the Burnaby Business Excellence Awards and has earned accolades in pediatric optometry, underscoring their commitment to the well-being of their patients and community. Their story is not just one of individual achievement but of creating a shared vision that makes Real Eyes Optometry a beacon among the Best Optometrists in Burnaby.

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Real Eyes Optometry: A Hub of Patient-Centric Care

Dr. Wang continues to serve his patients with unparalleled dedication, supported by a team that values work-life balance and staff well-being. His work ethic and patient-first approach make him a standout optometrist, deeply committed to the health and satisfaction of the Burnaby community.

Beyond the Clinic: A Man of Many Talents

Outside of work hours, Dr. Tony Wang is an avid traveler with a love for music. He showcases his musical talents by playing the violin in worship settings. His holistic approach to life is reflected in his patient care, always striving to ensure complete satisfaction with every visit.

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If you’re looking for the Best Optometrists in Burnaby, look no further than Dr. Tony Wang at Real Eyes Optometry, where every patient is seen with clarity and care. Book your appointment today and experience the difference of award-winning optometry services.

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