Best Dry Eye Treatments (Top 6 Optometrist Recommendations)

Picking the best dry eye product can be daunting with the number of options that are available. Whether you have been suffering for years or it’s a recent development, there are a handful of factors to take into consideration like ease of use, eye health, comfort, cost, and convenience.

Ultimately, the best dry eye products for you are heavily tied in with your lifestyle, your daily activities and, of course, personal choice. To help, our optometrists have put together a comprehensive list of the following:

  • Best Dry Eye Treatment (for Rapid Improvements)
  • Best Eye Drops for Extended Dry Eye Symptom Relief
  • Best Preservative-Free Eye Drops for Dry Eyes
  • Best At-Home Treatment
  • Best Dry Eye Treatment for Lid Infections, Demodex & Rosacea

Best Dry Eye Treatment (for Rapid Improvements)

Radio Frequency treatments are considered to be an advanced solution that delivers rapid improvements for dry eye symptoms

This FDA approved medical cosmetic therapy has been used for over 20 years, with a longstanding history within dermatology and cosmetic aesthetics.

How does it improve your symptoms? It prevents tear evaporation by unclogging and opening your eyes oil glands from the heat created by the low energy radiation. When your eyes oil glands are at optimal functionality, you will have more oil in your tears. This helps to retain moisture, prevents tear evaporation and improves dry eyes, which can have a huge impact on your day. 

If you suffer from burning eyes, vision fluctuations, difficulty wearing contact lenses, overly watery eyes, irritated & itchy eyes or a number of other dry eye symptoms, radio frequency treatments can benefit you. 


Why REO Recommends Radio Frequency Treatments:

  • Gentle Warming. A handheld, radio frequency device creates a gentle warming effect on your skin and to the oil glands within your eyelids — it feels like a hot stone massage.
  • Safe For All Skin Types. In fact, it is the first non-laser treatment that can be adjusted to customize the depth of skin layer targeted and the degree of skin resurfacing based on individual patient needs. Also, the treatments can be enjoyed year round, regardless of tan or skin color.
  • It’s Fast. Radio frequency treatment is comfortable, safe, non-invasive, and fast — it can take as little as 30 minutes!
  • Non-Invasive. This means no needles, no surgery and no downtime! You can get right back to your day without any hesitation. 
  • Instant Results. Patients experience instant gratification with maximum results taking place over 4-6 weeks. For optimal dry eye results, 3-4 treatments are commonly spread out over 2-3 months. For optimal full face wrinkle relief and dry eye results, 6-8 treatments are spread out over a 12 month period.


Best Eye Drops for Extended Dry Eye Symptom Relief 

For prolonged relief of discomfort due to dry eye-related irritation of the eyes, use I-Drop Pur Gel. This non-blurring artificial tear will lubricate your eyes against exposure to wind, sun, water, and other irritants. Recommended for patients with moderate to severe chronic dry eye disease, and this drop comes with the added bonus of being preservative-free. 

Why REO Recommends I-DROP® PUR GEL:

  • Comes in an easy-to-use multidose bottle 
  • Easily accessible, non-prescription gel formulation
  • Superior and prolonged moisturizing and lubrication for moderate dry eye symptoms including allergies and computer vision syndrome
  • Does not blur the vision and leaves no residual residue
  • Use during the day time and prior to bed for overnight protection from symptoms.
I-Drop Pur Gel


Best Preservative Free Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

IDROP® PUR is a preservative-free, eye drop that is compatible with both soft and hard contact lenses, and ideal for patients with mild to moderate dry eye disease. One drop provides immediate relief and it does not cause any visual changes. 

Why REO Recommends IDROP PUR:

  • Prolonged relief of discomfort due to minor to moderate irritations of the eye
  • Protects eyes against exposure to wind, sun, water, and other irritants
  • Safe for all ages to use and does not cause visual blurring 
  • Comes in an easy-to-use, multi-dose bottle
  • Can be used with contact lenses in the eyes 
I-Drop Pur

Best Dry Eye Treatment at Home

I-LID ’N LASH® is a daily cleansing wipe for your eyelids that removes ocular debris and makeup from the skin around the eyes. It helps maintain lid and lash health, and enhances the effectiveness of artificial tears. If you are suffering from blepharitis (crusts and flakes around the lids), daily use of I-LID ‘N LASH can help to solve the problem. 

Why REO Recommends I-LID ‘N LASH:

  • Effective water-based cleanser that is ideal for dry eyes and sensitive skin
  • Paraben-free and safe for children
  • Helps to treat blepharitis and improves ocular health 
  • Helps to soothe inflamed skin around the eyes (does not sting, burn, or irritate sensitive eyes)
  • Superior moisturizing (contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin)
  • Easy to use – run the cleansing pad along the lid margin of a closed eye, moving from the nasal zone outwards several times.
  • No need to wash the eyes and lids after use
i-Lid'n Lash

Did you Know?

Rosacea, affecting 3 million Canadians, is a common skin condition that causes blushing or flushing and visible blood vessels on the face.

Ocular symptoms can precede the skin symptoms, therefore, making eye exams important for early detection and treatment.

Many people with rosacea also experience dry, irritated, and swollen eyelids – this is known as ocular rosacea.



Best Dry Eye Treatment for Lid Infections, Demodex & Rosacea

I-LID ‘N LASH® PLUS is also a daily cleanser that removes ocular debris, however, it is specially formulated to help with managing severe blepharitis, demodex lid infection, ocular rosacea and other eyelid related diseases. Tea Tree Oil (TTO) is an essential oil employed for its powerful cleansing and hydrating properties. TTO is a safe and effective ingredient. Its natural skin-cleansing benefits take away dirt, bacteria and toxins, leaving the skin feeling healthier and more hydrated. One to 2 easy daily applications will remove stubborn ocular debris, kill demodex mites and soothe the lids. 

Why REO Recommends I-LID ‘N LASH PLUS:

  • Cleans and hydrates in one simple step 
  • Kills demodex mites that can infect the eyelids
  • Minimal irritation of eyelids with water-based, gel-soaked wipes 
  • Superior moisturizing (contains hyaluronic acid)
  • The addition of tea tree oil helps to disinfect while cleansing and hydrating
  • No need to wash the eyes and lids after use
i-Lid'n Lash


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