What is Hay Fever? (10 Best Hay Fever Relief Methods)

What is Hay Fever? Simply put, Hay Fever happens when there are allergens in the air that causes inflammation in the nose. Also known as allergic rhinitis, it is typically associated with Spring, which is the peak time for airborne grass pollen. Hay Fever symptoms mostly affect your nose, but also the eyes, skin, and … Read more

Allergy-Proof Your Summer! 5 Ways to Survive BC Allergy Season

Allergy season

It’s not you, its allergies. It’s that season again in Vancouver where the sneezing, tearing and wheezing is back. When it comes to allergy-proofing your summer, you need to know the two main allergy seasons we have in BC.  BC Allergy Season Round 1 A good yearly benchmark for the start of BC allergy season … Read more

Allergy Triggers & its Symptoms (7 Best Paths to Relief)


What Are the Symptoms of an Allergy? There are a wide range of allergy symptoms, ranging from mild to severe reactions.  Symptoms of an allergic reaction typically develop within a few minutes after you are exposed to an allergen, but sometimes symptoms can slowly appear after a few hours of being exposed to something you’re … Read more