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Optometrist Vancouver Criteria: 6 Must-Ask Questions

So you’ve typed in ‘eye exam Vancouver,’ ‘’best optometrist Vancouver,’ or ‘optometrist Vancouver’ and maybe thinking now what? Google has provided a huge list of options, every company offers a range of products and services, and while a convenient location is absolutely must, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for what can make or break your experience.

Going beyond the surface level questions, here are 6 questions bound to provide you eye-opening answers that will help ensure quality care from your chosen optometrist Vancouver.

1. Who Is The Vancouver Optometrist Boss?

Most Vancouver optometrist clinics are privately owned and operated. What does that mean for you? Your experience is directly linked to that person’s expertise, ‘bedside manner,’ and commitment to providing an empathetic (sensitive, compassionate) and sympathetic (understanding) patient experience. As the business owner, their top down approach will often make or break your expierience.

How do you determine which eye doctor Vancouver you will be dealing with? Call or check their ‘Team’ page. Then do some online hunting! Google the Vancouver optometrist’s name and see what comes up. Check RateMD, ThreeBestRated, and other non-bias sites which provide a great quick picture.

2. How Do They Handle Negative Feedback?

Every single business will at one point receive negative feedback — warranted or not, it doesn’t matter. For anyone who has worked in retail or with the public directly, know how challenging it can be to be professional, and positive during every customer interaction.

And what you want for yourself and your family (especially when it comes to your health) is a Vancouver optometrist with the proven ability to rise above it all to provide you the care you deserve.

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Check out their Google reviews and ask friends (who live in the area so you get location relevant suggestions). 

What Is Their Approach to Patient Care?

An optometrist is a job at the end of the day. All professions have those who treat it with a clock-in, clock-out mentality, and as work that is a means to an end. However, when it comes to one of the most complex, sensitive parts of your body, most patients would wholeheartedly prefer a Vancouver optometrist who is passionate and goes above and beyond.

Do they prioritize preventive care, patient education, and personalized treatment plans? Understanding their philosophy can help you gauge their commitment to your eye health. 

TIP: Check out their ‘Mission’ or ‘About Us’ page. Given most Vancouver optometrists are small business owners, their mission statement is likely to be void of any ‘marketing fluff’ and provide you insight into why they started the business and where their focus is.

3. What Are They Great At?

If you are looking for a straightforward eye exam, you can get that at any optometrist Vancouver clinic. However, that doesn’t mean that’s where they excel. 

It’s worth it to take the 2 additional seconds to look at not just the Google star rating and number of reviews, but click in to see the ‘People often mention’ keywords. There is no quicker way to gain a sneak peek into the business’s strengths as seen through the eyes of other patients.

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What Specialized Services Do They Offer Beyond Standard Eye Exams?

Even for patients used to booking their ‘eye exam Vancouver’ every 2 years, sadly that doesn’t stay the same for most of us. Aging, stress, digital eye strain from our screen-driven life, pregnancy, and environmental factors all change our eye health and vision needs. 

Patients with specific eye conditions or needs may inquire about specialized services like orthokeratology, vision therapy, or dry eye management.

A best-in-class Vancouver optometrist will offer state-of-the-art technology for comprehensive vision and eye health testing, accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, eye disease prevention, eye health products, maintenance tips, and much more — addressing all aspects of your eye health and preventing you from having to bounce between eye specialists for your needs.

4. How is Their Booking & Time Management?

A shortage of optometrists might make it difficult to get an appointment, especially for convenient times like after work or on weekends. Due to high demand, certain appointment times fill up quickly, making it difficult to reschedule or obtain an appointment at the last minute. However, when there are too many optometrists to choose from, patients may have to see a different doctor at each visit, which can make treatment feel impersonal. 

Even if you aren’t ready to book now, take a look at their calendar and determine for yourself:

  • How soon can you book an appointment? (If you’re experiencing blurred vision, would you likely wait a week before there is an opening?)
  • Are the time slots and dates convenient based on your typical schedule? (Would you have to make time during your work hours just to go?)
  • How many optometrists are available? (Mores optometrists means more options)
  • How far out can you book? (being able to plan ahead can be a big deal for parents or patients with inflexible work schedules)
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 5. Are They Future Focused?

Have you ever been a customer in a business where it was obvious that the staff lacked understanding about the items or services offered? Did you feel at ease in this place of business, or did it make you want to go somewhere else?

Future-focused optometrists owe it to their patients to never stop their education journey. Everyone in the practice, even front-of-house personnel, must be well-versed in ocular anatomy, physiology, terminology, and fundamental eye illnesses. Taking a look at their specialized services is often an easy indicator of whether they have made incorporating technological advancements into their practice a priority. 

6. Do They Accept Your Insurance?

If you have vision insurance, confirm whether the optometrist accepts your plan. Understanding the financial aspect of your eye care can help you plan for your visits and avoid unexpected expenses.

In today’s technologically advanced world, it would be easy to assume that direct billing for your insurance provider is offered – yet not all Vancouver optometrists do.

Instead of you having to do it on your own, direct billing ensures that your vision care visits and bills are filed to your benefits provider on your behalf.

Why spend your time when your eye doctor’s office can handle it for you? REO directly bills to 18+ different insurance companies!

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Choose REO as Your Vancouver Optometrist

We’re driven to be the best by providing compassionate and personalized treatment alongside the highest standards of optometric service, experience, and clinical knowledge. Our commitment and dedication has earned us awards and nominations across Small Business BC, ThreeBestRated, RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, and more. 

Still looking for more information? We’re passionate and upfront on how we stack up against other local optometrists. Learn more about the REO difference for yourself.

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